707: JBC's Best 3D Release

707: JBC's Best 3D Release
JBC's Best 3D Release is a separating medium for 3D printed models

Works great on all 3D printed models that have been tested!*

Objet30 - Med620
Objet30 - Med670
Objet30 - Med690
Juell - Tan
EnvisionTEC - E-Appliance M
EnvisionTEC - E Model Lite
Form Labs 2 - Grey V3

Our PriceUS$11.75
Weight 1.1

Brush on two coats.  Will not onion peel, flake off or leak.  Separate today - acrylic tomorrow without leakage through the separator.

*Please note: All 3D printers are not alike. Your results may vary depending on machine, model, media used, and other factors. If you unsure about compatibility, please call before placing your order. Returns on used merchandise are not accepted.
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